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The Reed Community Foundation changes lives and creates future leaders in the greater Tulsa metropolitan area by showing love, teaching life skills, and building healthy minds and bodies.

Our Mission

The mission of the RCF is to provide an environment in which children and youth develop life skills, a strong work ethic, self-discipline, an enlarged spiritual life, and respect for others.

Coach Reed strives to be a "Father to the Fatherless".  These are the characteristics that you will see displayed from Coach Reed and the volunteers:

  • Accepts who you are

  • Loves unconditionally

  • Disciplines with a loving heart

  • Directs towards sound goals

  • Educates towards wisdom and understanding

  • Visionary for the future and what is possible

  • Leads by example

  • Encourages more than corrects

  • Accountability to be responsible for yourself

  • How to think wisely and make good decisions

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