Since 2006, we have led the effort to provide positive role models and life skills to at-risk youth in North Tulsa.


Meet Keith Reed

Hear the inspiring story of The Reed Community Foundation, and the impact Coach Reed is having on the Tulsa community.

Early Intervention

See how the Reed Community Foundation's after school program is helping change lives.

Our mission is to reach youth and influence their lives BEFORE they end up in the Tulsa Boys Home or caught up in the criminal justice system.

"A Chance"

Coach Reed talks about one of his primary goals, just giving kids a chance!

"My Part"

Coach Reed is doing his part, and inspiring all of us to do ours!


Character transcends color. Let's not let color divide us!


Coach talks about his emphasis on education


Coach discusses the benefits of the exercise his program provides

"Help It Grow"

Coach talks about how sponsoring kids can help things grow.

"Little Things"

If you do the little things, it takes care of the big things

"Find a Friend"

In the final installment of our 8 part series with Coach Reed, he talks about the importance of friendship